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Fresh Tidings in Thamas Lorn

Loth-i-Lonnath is in transition between old leadership and new.

This is an exciting time of change and rebirth as the herth begins to flower again. Please read the full announcement from Hiril Lothoniel in the forums for more information.

As we transition, expect to see some moderate website changes, kinship updates, and new information going forward.

Welcome to Thamas Lorn! Be at home! Be at peace!
Loth-i-Lonnath is a rank 10 Elven kinship based in the Grey Havens of Lindon, and playing on the Laurelin server.

Our emphasis is on purposeful, immersive roleplay – and in portraying the elves of the Third Age with the grace, joy and song that is characteristic of those evoked in the books.

Loth-i-Lonnath is an attempt to open a window on the breadth of Elven society, illustrating the relationship of interdependence between those who defend the folk of Lindon, and the locals themselves. This offers a range of immersion and activity, from acting in a martial unit tasked with maintaining an effective defence against any threats to the safety of the Elven lands of western Eriador, to playing one of the residents of Falathlorn - bakers, crafters, woodsmen, boatmen, bards - going about their daily affairs.

The martial body is known as the Mithdirith, or Grey Watch. Originally from Mithlond and stationed temporarily in the North Lhun region to patrol the road to Rivendell, they are now permanently quartered near Duillond and have thus begun to recruit from the local area.

The rest of the “Flower” of the Havens are the most important part...the very folk that are being protected. They are the life of Lindon...the Falathrim and folk of other kindreds who have sought out sanctuary from further afield in preparation for sailing to the uttermost west. Some are weary, others find they still have a sense of adventure, some feel they are drawn to serve alongside the other wardens for the defence of all. Some....just enjoy sitting by the river, strumming their harp and sipping wine. The havens are full of many different kinds of folk, oft with a tale or two to be told - and ever is there to be found some new festival or event to celebrate the joy of life!

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Loth-i-Lonnath - A History of the Flower of the Havens
With the mustering of the Edhil of Lindon for the War of the Last Alliance, a great and numerous host descended upon the Haven of Mithlond: Falathrim of Harlindon, loyal to Círdan, and Edhil of Forlindon, in the train of Gil-galad. All were a sight wondrous to behold, and the countless banners and pennants of their houses fluttered above their camps, kissed by a fragrant wind borne of Aman.

Among the force gathered from Harlindon, a number of the noble houses and their retinues were determined to march as one body: the pride of the Falathrim. Thus, sparkling and bright with their silver helms, swords and spears, the warriors of these houses joined the great host as it began its long way East towards the distant Hithaeglir.

As they marched through Arthedain, bound for Amon Sûl, those who watched them pass were amazed; for being Lindar, that part of the host was ever resounding with song and music. They sang as they marched through those lands, and their voices rang with hope and light, and shadows fled before them.

An anthem was woven as they set out, a song bound with words of valour, hope and determination. They sang of the Loth-i-Lonnath:

Flower of the Havens,
Blossom white and fair,
Beauty unsurpassed,
To you none can compare!

Feet rooted in the sand,
Head turned to the breeze.
Spray of sea: your water,
Your food: the sun at ease!

O Flower of the Havens
Blossom pure and bright
Splendour of the shorelands
Beacon of the light!

From the Havens of the Falas
On the shores of the shining sea
We march as one together
To the fields of victory!

So come fair folk of Lindon
O come and join our fight
We march into the darkness
Come let us bring there light!

When other kindreds heard their songful approach, they would cry out "Here comes the Flower of the Havens!" The Falathrim welcomed the appellation, and the Loth-i-Lonnath adopted as their emblem the Uilos flower, wreathed with Oiolairë. When the host paused for a time at Imladris, many wrought such symbols to decorate their shields, and articles such as cloak brooches and other jewellery. Thus equipped, they fought shoulder to shoulder in the battles that awaited them in the east. Many never returned to the peaceful havens from whence they came, but they were remembered ever after by the songs they sang during those fateful years. Since then, their numbers have diminished, and that glorious flowering of Edhil is now little more than a memory...

What then has become of those folk that did return to their beloved Lindon? How does the Flower of the Havens appear at the end of the Third Age?

The Mithdirith - martial aspect of the kinship

The gathering clouds that loom on the horizon to north, south and east can no longer be ignored. Curugirion, a noble in the service of Círdan, was troubled by the growing danger of the road to Imladris. He noted with concern that the standing guard of the Havens would be insufficient to protect the marches of Lindon and Ered Luin, if a sizable enemy force of any reasonable strength should fall upon the land. Sharing his thoughts with Círdan, Curugirion proposed a revival of that spirit which had infused the Edhil of Lindon an Age before.

Thus, with Círdan’s permission, the martial remnants of the Loth-i-Lonnath gather once more to raise the pennants anew. Their goal is the muster and drilling of loyal volunteers into an able body of fighting strength, capable of defending the realm of the West.

Three divisions of these wardens have reconvened, namely the Fordirith, Hardirith and the Mithdirith, each responsible for maintaining watch over specific regions of Lindon and its marches: the Hardirith attend to the bounds of Harlindon; the Fordirith oversee the northern territory of Forlindon. Then there is the Mithdirith, nominally based in Mithlond, who presently strive to ensure that the path to Mithlond (and the Straight Road beyond) remains open to those Edhil of Eriador and Rhovanion who seek it. To this end, the Mithdirith is currently based in the hall of Thamas Lorn, upon the Lhun. This offers an ideal location from which to conduct their duty to keep the East Road open.

Whilst the wardens-at-arms comprise the backbone of a Herth (an armed household), it is certain that a standing guard in the Havens is insufficient on its own; to be most effective, the body depends first and foremost on its eyes and ears. For this reason, a large proportion of the Mithdirith is comprised of those skilled in the arts of gathering intelligence, be it through reconnaissance, watchful observation or diplomatic means; thus, any willing Elves talented as scouts, or resourceful envoys, are also invited to present themselves for consideration to serve.

The Nothrim of the Mithdirith - the Household staff

An armed household cannot function without support. Their halls and buildings require to be maintained, and the wardens fed, watered and billeted. Many are the hands needed to carry out the myriad of tasks that keep things running smoothly. Stores must be stocked; arms, armour, uniforms and equipment requisitioned and repaired; foodstuffs acquired - and cooked in large quantity! Not to mention the laundry...

Responsible for this vital support, the herth depends on the expertise and skills of a Household Staff, comprised of willing local volunteers - folk who enjoy the shared active contribution towards an important purpose - but without the arduous burden of life at the 'sharp end'!

The 'Folk of the House' operate in a role that bridges the martial membership and the non-martial citizens of Falathlorn. While not required to drill or carry out any military duties, the staff must attend to all those jobs and tasks that are needed to run the herth's estate of Thamas Lorn. Thus, they will interact in equal measure with both the wardens and the local citizens. Mindful of what is the estate requires, they will nurture close relationships with the local suppliers, crafters, growers, hunters, tailors, and so forth who dwell in the townships across the Lhun, from whom they can obtain whatever goods and resources are needed.

The Residents of the Havens

Most of those who serve at Thamas Lorn are drawn from the local population; in essence, the wardens are local citizens who have chosen to train and offer their service in the defence of Lindon and its folk: family, neighbours, friends - as well as those seeking refuge in the west from Rivendell and beyond.

Other locals help support that effort by running the herth estate. Unready or unwilling to face the uncertain horrors that lurk in dark places east of Lindon, they nonetheless choose to make their own small contribution by helping to support the wardens in their task.

Naturally, these groups represent only a small fraction of the local community.

The majority - who are not directly engaged with martial activity - represent the independent Eldar of the local population: the citizens and townsfolk of Celondim and Duillond. Note that all new members of the kinship begin as part of this group. Only through RP interaction may a character eventually choose to offer their service to the Mithdirith. Of course, many may elect to remain simply as locals, free of the responsibility and duties of martial service.

How do these folk spend their passing days as the Third Age draws to a close? Doubtless many delight in song and dance, while others practise to perfect their crafting prowess; others may simply enjoy sharing in the talk and company of their fellow Elves. The vineyards may provide much toil and activity in producing the much-enjoyed product that fills the goblet at day's end. Enthusiastic locals may be keen organisers and motivators, who drive forward the preparations for Falathlorn's celebration of the festivals throughout the Elvish year.
The tending of plants and crops in the gardens of Falathlorn may occupy many hands and minds, while others still spend their time in reflection and thoughtfulness, while contemplating the latest book they read? Some may be busy writing works of their own, committing to book and scroll their wisdom, that it may be left behind for the benefit of others after they have long sailed West.

The Scholars of Duillond

Of note is a body of scholars, who gather at the enclave in Duillond to debate matters of lore and the deep arts. These sages and loremasters assemble in the manner of a collegium, to hold converse on the nature of Arda, to exchange findings and research on their particular specialties, and to seek the aid and advice of their fellows in pursuit of their own goals and endeavours; more importantly, they offer their teachings to those who may seek them out, whether local citizens of Falathlorn, or visitors from further afield.


In summary, there are as many different answers as there are Elves dwelling in Falathlorn. Each carries within them their own tales and motivations.
What stories might YOUR elf tell? What part will their thread play in the weaving of Falathlorn's rich social tapestry?