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[Pinned] A Message to Travelers

Welcome to the online home of Loth-i-Lonnath! We hope your stay is a pleasant one!Guest visitors to the site are invited to use this mailbox to send messages to the kinship. Should you have any queries, we will also try and answer them here. So go...
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Mithlond Mailbox

Merry X-Mas @ Happy Holidays

Wishing all the members and friends of the Loth-i-Lonnath both old and new a wonderful holiday time!I hope you all well 😀It's cool to see the kin having events and kudos to you all, especially Lothoniel, for spreading the word about the Flower. (n...
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Mithlond Mailbox

Unable to make your excellent rp session of 10th July

To all of you in Loth i Lonnath, an excellent kinship!I am due to go on a Holiday to see some family at the end of the week and Im not able to make your role play session this evening as i am rather submerged in packing making travel arrangements...
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Mithlond Mailbox

Finding a Suitable Kin

My name is Narchamnuir and I am an elf lore-master, level 56. The main profession is scholar (supreme). I am looking for a well ordered kin that is respectful to its members and the kinmates are loyal. I am new to role play but I am keen to learn,...
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Forge Day Fest

Greetings dear elves! We hold to our tradition of the Forge Day Feast this year! I am deeply honored to invite you to our forges for crafting wonders and feasting together. Event details:The 19th day of the 4th month of the Dwarvish calendar marke...
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Hello everyone!

Hello people of Loth-i-Lonnath,I've been playing on laurelin since a few days, i was inactive for a couple years but i decided to come back since i got my pc and enjoy the nice graphics/roleplay.I've been part of a roleplay community from a differ...
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Interested in joining

Mae govannen! Heck, there goes my knowledge of the Sindarin language... So my apologies, but I shall continue in English from here on. ;)The name is Naegilrond Rhíthalion, and I will admit, I am very interested in joining this community of Elvish ...
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Mithlond Mailbox


I was just wondering if you are still active as i don't really get that feel from looking at your website, but you state that you are open and recruiting. I hope you are still active as you seem like pretty fun guild.
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Mithlond Mailbox

Dwarven Banquet!

To our most esteemed ally and friend,I Duinn Muninn's son, Lord of Durin's Folk cordially invite you to our Halls in the Blue Mountains for a banquet to establish trade and tighten our bonds of friendsship. Durin's Folk will provide food, ale, win...
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Harnkegger Games

Greetings to you, my dear elves. No matter what some fellow dwarrows may think or feel about your pointy-ears, I wholeheartedly invite you to Harnkegger Games of this year!As the end of summer comes within reach, the Dwarves of Durin’s Folk and Ho...
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Permission for use of Images.

I address this thread to Aearandir and all other creators of art found Here and Here. I am Winterwolf, of the Fanatics Plaza, a large Tolkien-based roleplaying and lore-centered community of over 2,000 active members that you can find Here. We hol...
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Point of interest...

Mae govannen!I am Tanathon, a Sentinel of the Woodland Realm! One of my closest RP friends Miridial joined up like a month ago and I heard many good things! I am - RP wise - far removed from the lore of LiL, not even an inhabitant of Falathlorn an...
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Hello Loth-I-Lonnath!

Hello Loth-I-Lonnath! I have been playing on Laurelin for a bit, and was looking for an elven rp kinship for my character Miridial to join. I found Loth I lonnath through the Archives, there the kin is listed as "not recruiting", but it might not ...
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Elven language

I've been using a site called Grey Havens for years for using the elven language for roleplay but after checking the dictionaries and phrase books posted on this site the words/phrases are almost completely confused. Should i contin...
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Friendly hello to all!

Hello just wanted to say hi to the kin and that I look forward to rping with some of you on a Tuesday or Thursday event, although I'm new to rp!Sadly due to my laptop deciding to 'give up' I will not be able to attend until the new year.Namarie!
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Mithlond Mailbox

Looking for RP/Interested

Been playing LOTRO since just after launch but took an extended break earlier this year and came back to find that everyone I'd played with had moved on so I am looking for a new kin to get involved with. I like everything I've read about Loth-i-L...
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Mithlond Mailbox

(OOC): Possible roleplay.

Firstly, apoligises to Istuir for taking this long to post, I've been caught up in other business.Irwthryth is my characters' name and is currently the leader of the kinship called Esquires of the Riddermark. In short, the background of this kinsh...
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Is this Kinship still active?
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North American Elf Seeks Arr Pee

Suilad!I'm a returning player who previously played on Landroval (I'm Melawil there, I created the Landroval community calendar a few years ago). My old kin, Tirn en Taur, is inactive now. That, combined with everything nice I've heard about Laure...
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This next Wednesday I've prepared something for HoF: if there is food and drinks left, I'll make a party in...
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