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Homeward Bound

by Aearandir on Jan 25, 2015 at 02:50 AM}

Aearandir's fleet enters the Gulf of Lhun bound for home.

It has been a year since I was abruptly recalled to Mithlond from my previous duties with the Mithdirith. A year since I have seen my dear friends. But what a year!

My yearnings for the sea were no secret and it should not have come as a surprise to me that my name was mentioned in the halls of Mithlond when a seasoned shipmaster was required to take over a training assignment after an accident. When Ananor of the South Watch was thrown from his horse, his duty ended and my chance to be at sea again arrived! I felt sorry for him of course and wished him well and a speedy recovery, but the task was now mine.

I was to undertake the training of 120 of our folk and make mariners of them. They had to learn the art of working a ship, not only maneuvering her alone, but coordinating with two other vessels in a fleet. Having recently received their "blues" they were trained in warfare but this needed to be tempered with experience both at sea and on land with patrols and beach raids.

And so on one foggy morning in early march three vessels of the Loth-i-Lonnath left port and took to the sea and my spirit soared! That was until I realised just how bad they were. Many more outings followed and in time I was joined by the "Neder" and some members of my old command in the Mithdirith until slowly, steadily, some of the finest mariners I have sailed with were born.

From the cold northern seas to the treacherous crags and currents of the southern coast, the majesty of the open ocean, and the calm or storms that came with each, they learned more of what they needed. Not only about their role, but also themselves.

Now the crews of the Sulrochir, Thorgair and Legrin return home seasoned edhil of the sea, to family and friends who have missed them dearly. My task is at an end and I return now to my landward duties with the familiar mixed feelings of old. The joy at being in the company of friends long unseen. The sadness that Belegaer lies now at my back and I know not when I will again be able to feel the roll of a deck under my feet nor feel a fresh sea breeze upon my face.


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Welcome back Capitain!

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