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Firith in Falathlorn

Curugirion / Oct 17, 2014

...and again the trees and swards are ablaze with the bright warmth of red and gold leaves - they give a hearty lift to the spirit, despite the cooling of the winds and shortening of the days; even now, Arien begins to curtail the sojourns of Anor into the airs above Arda and the long, clear nights of starlight doth approach. Menelvagor strides high into the sky - a celestial warden, ushering in this vigil of the stars!

The community toils busily. Eldar of both Celondim and Duillond take great delight in gathering the fruits of the harvest; the vales of Lhun and his tributaries resound with songs of thankfulness to Yavanna for her bountiful gifts, as the folk prepare and preserve foods for the leaner days that lie ahead. Hither and thither, along the paths of Falathlorn, do horse and cart wend their way, bearing barrel, jar, flask and sack to cellar, storeroom and pantry, in homesteads the length of the river's course.

During these calm Firith days, Elven artisans are also to be seen, working atop the roofs of Falathlorn, replacing broken or missing tile and slate; their craft and masonry ensure that each dwellinghouse and tower the valley over is wind and watertight.

Rhîw tôl...
Winter is coming...


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