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Istuir / Apr 25, 2013
Spring beckons and with it the Nethvaed within the Mithdirith receive their
"blues". Pengien, Feawing, Hwethlenn and Ephendir
participated in the ceremony much to the delight of the Conin and all within
the Mithdirith.

Much work now lies ahead in this coming year, so with the new faces comes new
challenges. Relations with our Dwarrow friends Durins Folk have gained
strength thus now the roads are ever safer.

Though the clouds gathers in the East, those in the West stand firm and as

Curugirion / Mar 18, 2013
Land and tree begin to stir and waken from their winter slumber. So too with the Mithdirith: fresh volunteers arrive and pledge their service to the defence of the Elven lands of the west, even as the wardens have already seen recent action in Sarnur and the Vale of Thrain in alliance with Durin's folk.

As the new year approaches, let us hope these first steps herald a welcome boon, enriching both Eldar and Gondhirrim with the benefits of trade, mutual defence...and friendship.

Curugirion / Jan 21, 2013
And so, midwinter recedes behind us and the folk of the Mithdirith return to Thamas Lorn to continue their watch over the road east.

Already, the call has gone out for others who might be willing to give of their time in devotion to this task, and some now begin their time as Nethvaed, recruits of the herth. There is need too of folk to join the Nothrim, the folk of the house - keen, willing and able to work in support of the wardens-at-arms of Thamas Lorn.

Something fresh is being prepared in the kitchens of the hall by the river this year...
Curugirion / Dec 09, 2012
Thus at last, Rhîw is upon us - the wintertide of the year - and the herth has now dissolved for winter break. A number of the kinfolk have retired to Imladris, while others have returned to Mithlond, or their homes in Lindon.

While the military campaigning year is at a close, and we now spend time with friends and family, members are free to remain alert to any tidings of note, and may offer aid where it is needed to stem any stirring of the servants of shadow.

Enjoy this time of respite and fellowship! We look forward to resuming active duty with the return of early Spring.

May shadows flee before you with every passing step!

OOC: There is no kin muster on Tuesday nights until mid-January (we will keep you posted on this).

Those kinnies amongst you who remain actively RPing over the break: feel free to arrange your own RP activities! Use the kinsite to help coordinate stuff! End transmission. ;)

Happy holidays! :D

Curugirion / Nov 08, 2012

At Lin Giliath recently, the herth of the Mithdirith held ceremony in a serene glade by the waters of Meluinen, to bestow honours of membership upon two recruits: Ellethgil and Cirdamir, who received the blues as a mark of their full induction into the ranks of the Flower.

In addition, veteran warden Istuir was promoted to the rank of caun, in recognition of his worthy and devoted service to the herth.

The folk of Mithlond and the Havens wish them well in their new roles!

(Picture taken by the lovely Hallothel! ;D)
Aearandir / Jul 28, 2012

After an alarming increase in spider numbers in the area of Haudh Lin, despite repeated kill sweeps of the area by Wardens, the herth utilised the specialist knowledge of its new Calarind order and conducted a raid on the Lair.

Two Banner elements were dispatched carrying jars of fire oils containing compounds prepared by Calarind to completely destroy the lair and eggs with extreme heat.

After fighting their way to the core of the Lair and killing the brood mother the group retreated a safe distance before lighting the oil compounds.

A sad end to the trees of the area but perhaps one of mercy for it was noted that the presence of the brood was tainting the land and poisoning what was once pure and healthy.

Samples were retrieved and are currently under examination of the herth's Sages.
Curugirion / May 25, 2012
The cycle of the year turns onward, and it was with great pleasure that the Mithdirith joined with Elves of other Houses in helping the folk of Falathlorn prepare and celebrate the Birth of Flowers.

An unexpected visit by some delightful elf-friends from the Shire enhanced the joyful ambience of the proceedings, which they seemed to enjoy greatly!

Galvathalion leads the procession from Duillond.

The ceremony is held on the cliffside.

Many thanks must go to the musicians, lead by Amorith and Earinlin, fine friends of the herth. Congratulations also to Galvathalion, who served admirably as Master of Ceremonies for the event. Well done, Indur!

Curugirion / Apr 22, 2012
With the warming light of Anor, the herth of the Mithdirith at Thamas Lorn has seen the welcome arrival of the folk of Calarind, who have offered to join with the wardens in their efforts to safeguard the Havens of the west.

These are glad tidings, and expand the opportunities available to explore in the field of operations.

In a brief statement, Curugirion, Hirgonui of the Mithdirith said: "On behalf of the herth, may I extend a warm welcome to those folk of Calarind who have joined us - we dearly hope you feel at home with us."

It will be interesting to see how the loremasters and healers adapt to the pace of activity set by the beat of the drum!