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This is our original charter created by Curugirion, our founder. While there may be some subtle changes, essentially, we still follow this. It is left here to remind us of our roots so that we do not stray too far from our foundation. For detailed current rules, please read our Detailed Membership and RP Guide

~Hiril Lothoniel


The LiL Project

As a kinship, we have a very particular outlook on our activity - a culture which we presume all recruits wish to embrace. Of course, we realise the difficulty this poses for prospective recruits outside of the kinship to grasp what exactly that culture is.

The best way to discern what our kinship is like, is really to engage in roleplay with us for a while. This should be sufficient to establish whether we are suited to each other as players, both in style and in our approach to Elven lore.

First and foremost, we are a ROLEPLAY kinship. Whilst we may occasionally meet up and do an instance run or a Pelargir Big Battle, our focus is very much centred on RP. If you are seeking heavy Raid or PvP activity, then another kinship would be more suited.

Secondly - but perhaps more importantly - we have a very particular view of Elven lore, one which attracts players who share our vision - who 'get' what we are about as a kinship. This is probably the factor that will decide whether you will find a happy home here and remain in LiL...or not.

We make no apology about this! Our kinship is like a very harmonious family, something we are justly proud and protective of. If someone joins and are found to be at odds with the balance of the kinship, the officers will hold a meeting and decide if that recruit should remain or be refused membership. Simple as that.

We expect that a prospective recruit has read up on the background of the kinship before applying. Application to LiL should only be considered if you have given serious thought to whether we are the right and proper home for you and your character. Approaches made on an ad hoc basis, just randomly looking for some kind of 'generic' Elven kinship will not be entertained. We are only interested in recruits who are genuinely inspired and attracted to what we do - recruiting for quantity without question is not our way. In short, do some research!

On lore and culture...

We realise that there are as many opinions on how Elves should be played as there are players. However, in LiL, our goal is to attract like-minded Elf enthusiasts, who broadly share our own viewpoint - this is the foundation for a cohesive, harmonious kinship. If you hold a wildly differing stance on Elf RP, then it is likely that this is not the kinship for you.

One particular issue that may illustrate this, is the matter of Bree. We feel Bree - and indeed all Breeland townships - best avoided IC. If you desire to meet with Mannish acquaintances, there are many fine glades in the lands nearby where you can meet under the stars - without drawing untoward attention. It is known that many unfriendly eyes wander the streets of Bree in these troubled days; for Elves to converse with locals within the town may cost those brave Dunedain their lives and further the goals of the Enemy (though naturally, if questing / levelling OOC, you can go wherever you must - just remember to /rp off).

Note that this point is non-negotiable! If you feel it's fine for Galadriel and Legolas to prop up the bar in the Pony, then Loth-i-Lonnath is definitely not the kinship for you.

Another aspect we have long practised in LiL is that we keep our characters where they should be in space and time. We do not therefore travel at will to RP in places we should / could not realistically travel to in the context of current duty and events. Hence, we do not jump IC to Imladris and back between kin nights for instance; a trip to Rivendell is a fairly lengthy affair, requiring in reality a few weeks' duration.

In practice, we usually travel to Imladris over the course of one or two kin nights, then have our characters stay there for three or four realtime weeks before making the return journey (again, taking another evening or two to travel the road back).We find this added 'realism' improves immersion for us all - and makes a visit to Imladris all the more special!

To illustrate why this is important: imagine at next muster you catch up with a kinnie who had been dispatched to keep watch on the passes leading to Rath Teraig at last week's meeting. As far as you - and all others in the kin - had assumed, he spent the last week up in the foothills of Ered Luin, watching for goblin activity. Now imagine the shock when he announces very casually that he visited the Hall of Fire mid-week, delighted in the dance and company of a young elleth, drank Sogadan's wine stock dry, and read half of Elrond's library! The whole kinship's immersion has been compromised; need we say more Remember, this only applies to your LiL kinship characters; your non-kinned alts are free to do with as you please!

We understand such guidelines may not be to everyone's taste, but it has been at the heart of our kinship's philosophy since inception, and we really do insist on members adopting it in their LiL RP practice. If you feel this might be too restrictive, then we ask that you reconsider carefully whether you really do wholeheartedly want to join in what we do.

On names...

Your character's name is seen as vitally important if you wish to join LiL, in that each character serves as a prominent representative of the kinship and its fundamental respect to the lore. As such, it really should be in Sindarin. Given the dwindling availability of Sindarin name combinations on Laurelin left to us, Quenya names are permitted, though the assumption is in reality we would be using a Sindarinized version of it, the logic being that all Elves use Sindarin in the Third Age for common parlance - though Quenya might of course be used in ceremonial, scholarly or perhaps in private discussion amongst Noldor themselves.

Names that are wildly at odds with the style of Tolkien's languages will draw frowns from us and you may be asked to adopt a more suitable name if you wish to be considered for membership (it does happen).

On activity and roles within the kinship

Broadly speaking, there are two sides of the kinship: martial and non-martial (or civilian). This offers a choice of activity for members, relating to their personal preference.

To ensure there is some cohesion between members - and to avoid the danger of marginalisation of civilian players when most kinnies might be attending martial concerns - we encourage new recruits to initially serve as members of the Thamas Lorn household staff. This offers a good platform for new members to become acquainted with what activities we do and the recruit can then make a more informed decision about whether they wish to continue on as a civilian helper indefinitely, or choose to apply for training and entry into the martial side of the kinship. Note that there is no pressure to do so; if you're content in turning up to lend a hand with more mundane matters of supply, repair, tending the mounts, cleaning or cooking - fine! These are all valid and good RP avenues to fulfill and explore.

It is expected that those wishing to join the Mithdirith from the outset also serve in a staff capacity for at least 4 weeks before they will be invited to muster for training as one of the Nethvaed. Don't mistake this as some kind of punishment - this is your chance to impress us and prove you have the commitment and dedication to stick with us through training and beyond!

If a character ultimately chooses to remain outwith the martial side of the kin, there is no requirement to attend the kinhall on muster nights. If you are happy enough to engage in your own RP activity in Duillond or wherever, either on your own or in the company of other civilian players, that's very welcome indeed. Only serving members of the Mithdirith - including Nethvaed (trainee recruits) - are required to attend muster activity.

On training...

Training is generally conducted in the form of 'intakes' once a sufficient number of recruits are available, and lasts for four weeks. During this period, any absences will go against your character's progression: unless you make contact with an officer, consistent non-attendance for 2 consecutive weeks will be taken as an assumption that your character has had a change of heart and withdrawn from training, resulting in your removal from the training group.

This is done out of respect for the active recruits, allowing them to proceed with training without having to worry about their absent colleague. If the missing member does not make contact or reappear after 4 weeks, we will assume they no longer wish to engage with the kinship and that character will be removed from the membership. Some might deem this harsh, but it's the best way to maintain focus on those who do log in for muster - and also avoids the membership roster becoming bloated with inactive members.

However, note that if a player informs us OOC (or IC too!) of an extended absence - and we all know RL does get in the way sometimes - we will gladly defer the character's training until the next intake, whilst retaining them in the kinship in the interim. If you are unable to inform us in-game, we have forum threads on the kinsite for such communication; the shoutbox serves too - it only takes a second to post and let us know of your absence!

Last words

LiL is a special place. It is our home - and very much our family - when we log into Laurelin.

Whilst we welcome those who find their way to us, in the hope and expectation that they too will share our journey, our approach to lore and our friendship, it must to be clearly stated that full membership has to be earned. If someone brings a bad attitude, no consideration for others, or Mary-Sue drama-llama to our kinship, they will be shown the door very swiftly.

If you're just trying out for any old Elven kinship, then jog on. You have to really want membership in our kin - to hunger for it! If you truly feel you belong with us and have given it long and deep thought...then post your application...begin that journey!
Adjutant to Cirdan and former Hirgonui of the Mithdirith
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