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#10458805 Dec 28, 2014 at 04:31 PM
Mae govannen!

Heck, there goes my knowledge of the Sindarin language... So my apologies, but I shall continue in English from here on. ;)

The name is Naegilrond Rhíthalion, and I will admit, I am very interested in joining this community of Elvish RPers! I have been looking for a while now for a proper kinship that I could join with him, and have read your LA page several times in the course of several months (haven't been active for the last 3 to 4 months you see). I came back to this game in the hope to find some good roleplay, but sadly, such is hard if not impossible to find when I play my human characters. Thus I decided to switch back to my elf and start looking for a nice kin again I could join, to get the roleplay I am looking for.

So it happens, I came back to Loth-i-Lonnath's LA-page and site. :) I have contacted Miridial quickly in game already, who sent me to the site to fill in an application, which I have done by now already. Seems I have been a bit too eager, for instead of first asking here on the forum, well, I filled in my application directly. So I hope I have not been (too) rude by not asking through the forums first? Anyhow, in the hope I can settle this matter, here you have my undoubtedly far too long and boring post! ;)

I would really love to be part of this kinship. The whole idea behind it really appeals to me, as well as the amount of effort put into it. The promise of loads and loads of RP do make this kin look even more promising really. :) So yeah, I'd love to be part in the fun you guys have!

Though there is one matter I need to inform you of as well. You will find this written down in my application as well, but still... On the 5th of January, my exams start and run till the 25th of January. Having read the rules, this means it'll be hard to nearly impossible for me to attend the kinmeetings. I shall do my best, do mind, if I am allowed in that is. I hope you can understand this situation... If needed, I'll gladly redo my trial period after my exams if necessary!

Anyhow, with most important things being said that I wanted to say, I will better stop boring you all with my near novel. ;)

Thank you very very much for your attention none the less, and I hope to see you in game for some RP, if not as kinmember, than as a fellow Elf!
And have a great holiday btw! :)
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