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#10615632 Feb 03, 2015 at 12:02 PM
Hello people of Loth-i-Lonnath,

I've been playing on laurelin since a few days, i was inactive for a couple years but i decided to come back since i got my pc and enjoy the nice graphics/roleplay.

I've been part of a roleplay community from a different game (GTA IV) for a few years. Its not a RP-forced roleplaying community but when there is a roleplay going on, most of us are taking part of it.

So, i'm here in the Middle-Earth now and looking for a RP-kinship to join. I've never roleplayed in the Middle-Earth but i would like to expierence that. I'm a bit nervous about roleplaying in M-E because i dont know what to expect and its all kinda new to me.

I've found Loth-i-Lonnath trough the Lotr forums and it took my interests in joining. Why?

Well, to start with, i've read some threads in the forums here and i really enjoyed reading the roleplays Loth-i-Lonnath is doing. I've noticed its a Med-Heavy roleplaying kin since u are doing some serious/realistic roleplays that took my attention to it. Also, i was looking for a elven only kinship and i'm a bit confused about that because on the application form i noticed that u could fill in the application form with different races but that doesnt matter anymore because the most of us are elves (i think) and the kin is elvish based from the information i got.

So, what i'm worried about is, i've never wrote down a biography for my character even not on the roleplay community on GTA because thats not neccessary there. Also, as i mention before, i've never roleplayed here in M-E and i do not know much about the lore of elves or M-E.

I've seen every movie of Lotr but thats different from the game i suppose but for that, i would really love to learn more about it.

My Character:

Name: Rahiroth (No surname because i dont know how to find one, maybe someone could help me with this)
Age: I really dont know what age to roleplay and the ages of the elves that usually have but i'm thinking of a young elf that just started.
Origin/Place of birth: Lothlorien
Friends/Family: None and i would like to RP that i dont know my family/parents.

I dont have any expansion so far but i'm thinking of buying some (Especially elf based regions/areas).


Name: Ramiz
Age: 21 (almost 22)
Nationality: Dutch

I hope i informed enough information about myself and my character and looking forward to the Kin Muster tmrw.
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#10615652 Feb 03, 2015 at 12:08 PM
My Character:

Occupation: Warden
Crafting: Armoursmith

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