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The Nothrim of the Mithdirith, the Household staff

An armed household cannot function without support. Their halls and buildings require to be maintained, and the wardens fed, watered and billeted. Many are the hands needed to carry out the myriad of tasks that keep things running smoothly. Stores must be stocked; arms, armour, uniforms and equipment requisitioned and repaired; foodstuffs acquired - and cooked in large quantity! Not to mention the laundry...

Responsible for this vital support, the herth depends on the expertise and skills of a Household Staff, comprised of willing local volunteers - folk who enjoy the shared active contribution towards an important purpose - but without the arduous burden of life at the 'sharp end'!

The 'Folk of the House' operate in a role that bridges the martial membership and the non-martial citizens of Falathlorn. While not required to drill or carry out any military duties, the staff must attend to all those jobs and tasks that are needed to run the herth's estate of Thamas Lorn. Thus, they will interact in equal measure with both the wardens and the local citizens. Mindful of what is the estate requires, they will nurture close relationships with the local suppliers, crafters, growers, hunters, tailors, and so forth who dwell in the townships across the Lhun, from whom they can obtain whatever goods and resources are needed.

Of final note about these talented folks, it should be understood that while they serve the herth, they are not 'servants'. To be Nothrim is a respected role. They know their jobs and they do them out of choice. They are called to it. They do it because they want the herth to thrive. Who mends our sails, who crafts our armour? The Nothrim are as important as the Mithdirith.

To join the Nothrim all one needs to be is a full member and roleplay into it by getting the approval of an officer IC. All classes may participate in this group, particularly those who focus on crafting. You may even begin to RP this while you are a trial member if you desire. However, we encourage trial members to use their trial period to focus on their over-all compatibility with the kinship first and then RP into other roles within the herth when they are certain they are going to stay with us.

The Nothrim may be asked to attend Mithdirith events at times. If you are interested in joining the Mithdirith through participation in the Nothrim, then it would behoove you to attend those events.

While not an everyday requirement by any means, The Nothrim may also need to wear matching outfits occasionally. If an event requires this kind of coordination, the outfit will be provided to you. For instance, if uniformed Mithdirith are marching with Nothrim on a special mission, Nothrim may need to be distinguishable as such, different from the Mithdirith and different from any civilians we may be escorting as well.