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Joining Loth-i-Lonnath

Founded in May 2010, we are a well-established immersive Elven roleplaying kinship. We have a long and proud history on Laurelin of providing an environment for roleplayers who crave an authentic Elven home. If you want to join us, please have...

...a strong desire to roleplay,

...a proper Elven name, understanding of Tolkien Elves and Middle-Earth lore,

...availability to attend kin events.

All of these things are equally important; However, even if you meet all of the above, personality and compatibility matter both in and out of character. Find us, RP, and get to know us, so that we get to know you. 

To determine if you are a good candidate you must... an Elf,

...attend our gatherings regularly,

...demonstrate through your RP that we may be a good fit for each other.

This means that membership is not given instantly to anyone who asks. We are selective and you must display patience. Membership is earned gradually through thoughtful action on your part and consistent RP with us. After a period of time of RPing with you at our gatherings, if you seem like a good candidate, you will be invited to fill out our application.

If your application is approved, you will qualify for trial membership. To become a full member you must complete the trial membership period within 2 months or you will be dropped from the roster.

Trial Membership

  • Minimum of one month, maximum of two
  • RP participation in 4 kin events
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic Tolkien Elven culture/lore through RPing it
  • Establish compatibility with our philosophy and get along well with current members

This period of time may be extended with approval from leadership if there is reasonable cause. This is to allow for some flexibility but also we don't want to see someone forever sitting as a recruit on the roster.

At the end of trial membership, officers will review the recruit and collectively decide if they meet our minimum requirements. If so, then the recruit will attend a membership ceremony. All recruits become part of the civilian population upon successful completion of their trial period. In roleplaying terms this means your character is a Gwaith-i-Lonnath, an elf of the Havens, a resident of Duillond (or nearby area) within our herth.

The above is a short guide to give you a brief idea of what we're about. If you think we might be the kinship you're looking for, please read our Detailed Membership Guide and Roleplaying Guide before filling out the application.