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This section of the site is for active members holding the rank Gwaith-i-Lonnath or higher.

If you are a trial member -OR- a member who is inactive, you may only see the tab About Rank until you are a full member, or consistently active with us again.

If you've been inactive for a long time -OR- you retired, your account on this site has been deactivated.

If you've been deactivated on this site, you may have been removed from the in-game roster as well, -OR- you will be removed eventually at the discretion of the current leadership.

If you left LiL -OR- have been inactive so long that you've been deactivated on this site and been removed from the kinship in-game, you will need to show regular consistent RP activity with LiL members and then reapply for membership if you want to participate as a full member of LiL again. This is to show us your renewed enthusiasim for LiL and reapplying lets us know if you're on the same page with the present leadership.

Our Laurelin Archives kinship page will keep a record of those who were members in the past unless you've removed yourself on that site or left LiL recently under the new leadership. Your character staying on the our Laurelin Archives kinship page is at the discretion of leadership, but in general, we leave it as an historical record of our past members.


The above rules apply to everyone except former Tûr, Curugirion, his alts, and former Caun, Aearandir, and his alts. They both founded this amazing kinship. They dedicated their creative talents in art, professionalism, roleplay, and their love of Tolkien to the creation of Loth-i-Lonnath.

This exception applies to any full-time Tûr to honour and respect the work they've done for LiL. Running a kinship like this a great honour but it's also a labour of love to maintain. Anyone that does the job deserves to be remembered for the hundreds of hours online and offline, dedicated to keeping it running. Writing stories, planning/running events, keeping our main website current, maintaining our presence on various websites, always needing to be the face of LiL whether you're online, offline, IC and OOC, dealing with gamer drama, reviewing/recruiting new members, maintaining our entire housing zone, juggling multiple things at once every-time you log in to the game, and keeping the membership active and engaged is all nearly a full time job. One must LOVE this kinship to keep it going at the same level of quality that is our hallmark. Loth-i-Lonnath is a special place and it deserves that love and dedication.

We thank our former leader(s) for making Loth-i-Lonnath possible.