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Telegaint, Our Musicians

Telegaint (harpers) was originally a small number of edhil that gathered in Duillond out of the enjoyment of song to learn, teach and play amongst themselves. They are much like the our Golwen Edhil who gather as scholars to engage in deep debate and learning, except these edhil love music. For many long years, they did not have a name, or perform openly unless it was just to play outside among the stars. They were simply a group of telegaint (harpers). Over many yéni, other musicians and vocalists joined their love of music bringing with them a variety of other instruments. Even long after flutes and lutes were introduced to their study, people would still refer to them as the Telegaint, thus it became their name. Having grown beyond their small group and having many talented musicians with many yéni of practice, Telegaint does from time to time perform for the public.

To join our musicians, preference is given to Minstrels, but any class may join. Those who are interested must first be a full member of the kinship and then roleplay into it over time with permission of a caun (officer). It should be noted that our musicians here strive to keep music selections immersion friendly. As an example, Rock/Pop music turned into ABC files aren't immersion friendly as a general rule. Sometimes, easily recognizable songs, regardless of style, might be too distracting as well. We shouldn't be singing the lyrics to "Baby's Got Back" at the keyboard while trying to RP in Middle-earth. Classical, Celtic, New Age, Folk/traditional, Thematic/period themes and of course, Enya, tends to work better. And there are a number of original pieces out there as well. Review music before playing it and ask yourself, "Does this song sound like it belongs in Middle-earth? Does it sound like something an Elf in Middle-earth would play?" Choose wisely.